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Old Brook Farm Association Board of Directors

OFFICERS (Terms Expire Annually)

 President  Edward H Redmon  5226 Brookview Drive  260-433-4240
 Vice President Geoffrey Sark   6031 Red Oak Drive 
 Sec/Treasurer Bruce Oliver  6326 Sunbury Dr.  260-341-2793

BOARD MEMBERS (Terms Expire as Indicated)

 Section #6 - Andrew Hobson - 2019 5320 Brookfarm Place 260-888-4683
 Section #2 - William Stoots - 2020  5318 Brookview Drive  260-485-5402
 Section #3 - Jim Huffman - 2019  6132 Old Brook Dr  260-486-1413
 Section #3 - Thomas Harber - 2019  6211 Sunbury Drive  260-437-0521
 Section #4 - Daniel Boen - 2019  6122 Red Oak Dr  260-413-5120
 Section #6 - Richard Miers - 2020  5441 Brookfarm Place  260-485-2618
 Section #7 - Peggy Carmichael - 2020   5423 Granary Lane  260-485-1972
 Section #8 - Lisa Wesley - 2020  6315 Old Brook Drive  260-485-5156


 Lisa Wesley   6315 Old Brook Drive   260-485-5156   Garage Sale Coordinator 


"The Association shall elect a President and a Secretary-Treasurer and such other officers as it may choose and fix and determine their respective duties and authority." (Quote from Covenants)

"SECTION 2. Election and Term of Office. The officers of the corporation to be elected by the members shall be elected annually by the members at each annual meeting of the members. If the election of officers shall not be held at such meeting, such election shall be held as soon thereafter as conveniently may be. Each officer shall hold office until his successor shall have been duly elected and shall have qualified or until his death or until he shall resign or shall have been removed in the manner hereinafter provided." (Quote from By-Laws)

Each year the Association Members gather for the Annual Meeting. On the Annual Meeting Agenda is the Election of Officers and Board members. Each year our three Officers are elected for a one year term and one half of the Directors are elected for a two year term. Neither the Covenants nor the By-Laws evoke term limits for any position so Association Members can hold elected position for as long as they are willing to serve and the Membership is willing to elect them.


The Old Brook Farm Board consists of three officers and eight Directors. The Old Brook Farm addition is divided into eight sections. Ideally, it would provide equitable representation if one Director were to be elected from each of the eight sections and the three Officers were to be elected at large. However, a homeowner willing to serve on the Board cannot always be found in each of the sections so our Board does not always reflect equal representation from all areas of the neighborhood.

Any homeowner can be elected to office and/or the Board. If interested in serving on the Board please contact either the President or the Secretary/Treasurer.